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I'm not really sure if this is what i'm supposed to be writing.


I chose the word pool.


Pool- a small body of standing water


For most people a pool represents a good time during the summer. A place for them to cool off from the sun's heat and spend time with other people in the outdoors. It is a place for fun and happiness and is usually surrounded by a possitive connotation.


For me a swimming pool makes me think of darkness. It makes me think of the one time I needed my parents and they weren't there for me. It makes me breathe uneasily and tighten every muscle in my body. It reminds me of the day I jumped into our pool, remembering as I hit the water that my mother had just taken off my arm floaties. I can still hear everyone laughing and talking from underneath the water, not noticing that I had jumped in. My aunt pulled me out after everything had already turned dark and I awoke on our deck with everyone around me.


The work pool will never mean the same for me as it does for everyone else.

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