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Drinking Glass

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 Somewhere Off to the Side


   Me A.K.A. "the drinking glass"  




    Since I'm moved away from college, I feel very distant from my family.  My parents and my sister still get to eat our traditional dinner everynight without me.  For the first time in my life, I actually miss our 'colonial times' dinners.  My mom usually calls a couple times a week after they are through eating supper to check on me and give me the family's weekly updates.  This week's news was that they all just got a family membership to Gold's Gym so they have started trying to work out at the gym together.  My sister tells me about all the stuff she and my mother have begun to plan for her wedding which is coming up in a few months.  I'm the maid of honor and I have yet to see the dress I paid for.  My dad called and said how they all got this cool deal where if he bought a new phone from cingular, he could get up to three more for free if the other accounts members would sign a new contract.  He assured me that if I had been in town, I could be talking to him on my very own brand new cell phone.  I thanked him for rubbing it in my face.


   When my father was a boy, for some reason his parents weren't allowed to drink anything at the supper table.  I think he once told me that it was because he and his siblings constantly spilled their drinks during meals, so my grandmother took away the priviledge of having a drink at the dinner table.  Eventually, he just became accustomed to not consuming any liquids while he ate and to this day he rarely ever takes a drink until he is completely through with his meal.  My mother started dating my father when she was 17 and ate dinner with my dad's family several nights out of the week.  She too adjusted to not drinking her drink while she ate.  I supposed it has even had it's effects on my sister and me as well because I went on a date a few months ago and he noticed that at dinner, while the waiter had to refill his glass of tea several times, mine first glass was still half full. 


  The drinking glass on our table at dinner is a lot like me.  It's seperated from the rest of the set.  While everyone eats, my family constantly uses the plate (mother) that the food is held together by, the napkin (father) which is constantly protecting them "just in case" they spill, and the utensils to break everything down into smaller bites and keep them from making a mess of things.  Sure the drinking glass gets picked up once in a while, but it's not always in play like the other parts to the set.


  I miss being home and being a lead role in my family.  I feel as though they don't even really need me sometimes.  Although I know that that is not the case, it's hard being separated from them.  It's like they function as their own little unit now as I stand off to the side of the plate. 



Back to setting the table... it's almost dinner time!




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