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Fox, Duck and Corn Riddle

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Riddle #3


Solve the following word problem:



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This riddle requires problem solving. The only way to figure it out is to analyze and come up with the best strategy possible and then test it out. There is no previous work to aid you or hints to help you get started. It's solution simply comes with trial and error. When it is finally solved, there is no question of whether the answer you came up with is right or wrong. You don't need someone to check over your answer because it's clear if you have found the right solution.


My life isn't really much like this one, although it should be. I've chosen a career (Career Discourse Page) in which there isn't much room for exploration. Based on my knowledge of what others have accomplished in similar career fields, I know that I have chosen a rather "safe" career path. I won't be experimenting with much modern technology or future advancements because it is a job that is based on knowledge and simple human interaction and instruction. There is not too much guessing with how to treat patients as a physical therapist. My future job is almost like a simple math equation that usually has a pretty simple answer.




just as


torn ACL+specific stretches=recovery


I think at times I play life too safely.  I take risks like going on roller coasters and wakeboarding, but when the outcome of a decision can possibly affect my entire future, I'm a big wuss.  I need to get out of this safety zone of completing the pattern which has already been set for me.  I have to start making my own paths where I can make a decision and learn from the outcome of it, whether it is good or bad.  Life should be a trial and error process similar to this riddle because in the end, finding the solution is so much more rewarding if it is figured out all on your own, without any help. 




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