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 Watching Pretty Woman years later


I refrained from seeing Pretty Woman for many years after my first viewing.  I couldn't put myself through the misery again because I still had my initial impression of it, which was that it was one of the worst movies I had ever watched.  I had always heard what a good movie all of my friends though it was, and I continuously protested.  I couldn't understand how anyone could like that movie.  I couldn't even remember what it was about, and that to me meant that it was not a good movie. 


I was on the dance team all throughout high school.  My junior year we had a competition in Florida, so we all loaded on a huge bus and set off on the 11 hour drive.  A bunch of the girls brought movies for us to watch along the way.  We all got to vote on which movie we wanted to watch and of course Pretty Woman was the first one chosen, so I was forced to give it a second chance.


It was like watching a whole new movie.  I was finally able to understand why it was rated-R and why my mother had forbidden me to see the movie.  It wasn't just a movie about a man who finds a girl and buys her new clothes that fit her and they fall in love and life happily ever after.  I was now able to see, how Vivian (Julia Roberts) belonged to a world which was completely opposite to Edward's (Richard Gere).  This time around, my eyes were no longer nieve and innocent, and I understood why she wouldn't kiss him on the lips.  The movie finally became clear to me, and even though I still didn't

like the movie a whole lot, I understood how others could.



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