New Vivian




        GuArD dOwN










Once Vivian was able to get clothes which allowed her to fit in, she began to look the part.  Simply because she altered her attire, everyone assumed that she was a part of their world.  She no longer seemed like an outcast.   



 Vivian's transformation was complete when she finally kissed Edward on the lips.  It was as though there was a barrier between their two worlds that she held up and once she gave it and kissed him on the lips, the barrier came crumbling down. 


Perhaps though, Vivian never truly became a part of his world.  She was still much different than other women in Edward's social class.  This is what made her appealing to him though.  She wasn't a typical snotty rich woman.  She appreciated the smaller things in life and was a genuinely good person.  Instead of becoming a part of his world, I think that they just formed their own world in which they coexisted together.  She wasn't the same as what she once was, but she could never be the type of woman that existed in his world. 




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