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Putting it all together

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Linking all of the Discourses together



Like Vivian in Pretty Woman, I am transitioning toward a new and different world.  One in which leaves me with feelings of vulnerablilty and insecurities.  I'm not really quite sure if I will ever fully become a part of that world because my past will always be a part of me.  I hope to simply find some sort of happy medium in all that I do. 


I think perhaps that is why I took an interest in Physical Therapy.  As you can see in my Career Discourse page, physical therapy is a way for me to accomplish my goals of wanting to help people, but as you can tell it is a career in which I am able to connect with my patients and learn more about them than just their physical problems.  It's also a career which lacks the necessity for much technology, it's mostly based on knowledge and physically helping patients, one on one.  I find physical therapy so appealing because I will be able to see my patients progressively improving and getting better, knowing that I helped them to get there. 



My family is always going to have a part in everything I do (see Family Discourse).  They are responsible for my morals and values.  They have molded me into who I am today.  So every decision, like choosing to be a physical therapist, can in some way be linked back to them.  They are alot of the reason that makes transitioning into my new world of being on my own so difficult. 






    Career:  you need a lot of love to care for all patients

    Family:  We have a lot of love for each other

    Entertainment:  I chose a love story



    Career:  I chose a more traditional form of therapy to talk about (hippotherapy) instead of one with a lot of technology

    Family:  We are a very traditional family and I chose our old fashioned nightly dinners, in which we were not allowed to watch TV

    Entertainment:   Pretty Woman has the traditional fairytale theme to it.  A girl finds a guy who saves her and they fall in love and live

                               happily ever after.


Trying to break away from normal... but I guess not succeeding:

   Career:  I chose physical therapy, which is something that most of my family and friends are typically uninterested in.  It was appealing

                 because no one I knew was in that career field.  But my choice of hippotherapy, proved that I haven't really left my

                 country background behind.

   Family:   I talk about how I hated those nightly family dinners, but now that I am living in Austin, they are one of the things I miss the

                 most.  I am now dating a guy who insists that we eat at the dinner table every night.

   Entertainment:   ?



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