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The Rebel

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The Rebellious One


There was alway the group of kids at my high school who hung out (when they weren't in detention) in the gym.  They were usually the ones causing trouble and getting bad grades.  They didn't care much about school or the consequences of the actions they were taking.




My mom and dad were always telling me what I could and couldn't do.  I now realize that it was just their job, but at the time, it was quite annoying.  After I turned 18, I put it in my mind that I was now an adult and was capable of making my own decisions, even if my parents said that I couldn't do something.  At the first opportunity I got, I went to a tattoo shop and impulsively picked an image off the wall and told them to put it on my hip.  I am now stuck with this stupid meaningless flower tattoo, that represents nothing other than my belonging to the rebellious community throughout high school.

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