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What Comes Next

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Riddle #1




What comes next in the pattern?



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This riddle requires no real brain power or strategy.  You can look at the figures and tell exactly what comes next in the sequence.  Everything you need to know is laid right out in front of you to find a solution and once you have your answer it is either right or wrong.


My Family has always taken pride in being "traditional." (see my Family Discourse) I was always taught that tradition was extremely important and in my family, it's something that is hardly ever broken. We have celebrated every holiday and birthday (and even most normal days) the same way since I can remember.  Each day has a specific set of events that go in a particular sequence at a certain time.


Thanksgiving Day

1. wake up no later than 8am

2. shower and get dressed

3. Fix green bean casserole

4. Load up truck full of stuff to take to help make the meal

5. Go to grandparents

6. Fix the meal

7. Eat at exactly noon

8. Women clean up/Men go hunting

9. watch a movie while flipping back and forth to Dallas Cowboys football game

10. nap

11. eat leftovers

12. watch more TV

13. go to sleep


My life has been pretty much mapped out for me.  There have been arrows pointing me to most every step that I have taken.  I've had this perfect little pattern to follow, so I have, without ever questioning its sequence until now.


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